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Level control devices

Level control devices  
Balance Tank Control Device


Dichtung Elektrode


Electronic level control unit for balance tank with an additional safety device for minimum water level and pump start level. Operating panel works with 5 electrodes (optional). Length of the electrode cables: 5 m. Electrode can be fixed at the desired height thanks to the electrode support.
(Protection degree IP 65).


  • Balance tank control device
  • Electrode for balance tank control device (optional, 5 units needed) 
  • Electrode support for balance tank control device with 5 PG screws (optional).
Automatic Water Level Regulator










This device automatically adjusts your swimming pool‘s water level with two electrodes for water level regulation. In combination with a magnetic valve, the electrodes will ensure the fill-up of fresh water until the desired water level is reached in your pool.

Note: Magnetic valve is not included in the scope of delivery!

The system ensures that the pool is always filled to the correct level. A great solution for those pools installed in windy areas! This unit can be used in both new and existing swimming pools.


  • Electronic water level regulator
  • 2 electrodes for water level regulation