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heat control devices

Filter and heat exchanger control device


Analogue control for filter pump and heat exchanger.  With time clock for 230V or 400V filter pumps (max. motor protection 8 A). Possible connections: balance tank control, automatic backwash valves and dosing equipment. (Protection Degree IP 65).

Poolcontrol 230 with water sensor
Poolcontrol 400 with water sensor
(max. motor protection 8 A)

Filter, heat exchanger and solar control device


Digital control for filter pump, heat exchanger and solar installation. Filter pumps 230 V or 400 V (max. motor protection 7 A). Supplied with 2 additional powerless contacts for filtering and heating. Intuition-based prompt menu with LC-display. Possible connections: balance tank control, automatic backwash valves, dosing equipment, motor ball valve 24V for solar absorber or separate solar pump. (Protection Degree IP 65).

Poolconsulting 230 with water sensor
Poolconsulting 400 with water sensor
(max. motor protection 7 A)

Accessories: Motor Valve 24V


Temperature Control Unit 
Temperature control unit for heat exchanger or solar


Temperature control unit for heating the pool with a heat exchanger or a solar installation (motor valve 230 V or solar pump max. 1500 W). Temperature regulating scale: 0 - 40 oC. Delivered with water sensor. (Protection degree IP 65).

Temperature control unit with water sensor
Solar sensor (optional for solar installations)

Motor Valve 24 V 
Accessories for the solar function


Used in connection with a temperature sensor, the motor valve operates automatically the solar options of Poolconsulting and Solarcontrol SC3. (Protection Degree IP 65).

Motor Valve 24 V
2-way ball valve DN 40 / d = 50 mm
2-way ball valve DN 50 / d = 63 mm
Solar Sensor